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Your Premiere Source for Firewood in the Kansas City Metro
Kansas City Firewood Delivery

K&M Services is Kansas City and Lawrence's premiere source for quality firewood. 

We specialize in split and seasoned firewood, delivered to your home or apartment.

All of our wood is delivered from the Ozarks in semi trailer quantities and dropped off at our lot in Olathe.  Once there, it's allowed to dry at least 6-9 months before we deem it ready to deliver to your home
.  For the 2015-2016 season, we have over 500 cords of dry, seasoned, wood ready for sale.

We sell wood in three different size quantities listed below:

4'x4'    (commonly referred to as a 1/4 cord)
 8'x4'    (commonly referred to as a 1/2 cord) 
16'x4'         (commonly referred to as a cord)
Check out the tabs at the top of this page for pricing, pictures, and answers to
frequently asked questions.  Thanks for stopping by!  -Kolter


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